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Business Analytics Certification Course Overview

If you're interested in pursuing a Career in Business Analytics and want to gain practical skills and knowledge in this field, a certification course can be a worthwhile investment.

Business Analytics is the practice of using data analysis and statistical techniques to help organisations make data-driven decisions.

A Certification Course in Business Analytics can provide you with practical skills and knowledge that you can apply to real-world business problems. These skills can range from data visualisation and statistical analysis to programming and database management.

Our Business Analytics Course in Bangalore at Senfine Academy focuses on practical business application by showing you how to harness data visualisation and interpret number sets, identify patterns, and uncover business.

Why join Business Analytics ?

An excellent investment

Business Analytics is a rapidly growing field. As businesses increasingly rely on data to inform their strategies, the demand for professionals with Business Analytics skills is on the rise. Therefore, obtaining a certification in this field can help you stand out in the job market and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers. The Business Analytics certification course is an excellent investment in one's career.

Better job opportunities

As more companies become data-driven, the demand for professionals with Business Analytics skills is increasing rapidly. With a Business Analytics certification, you can showcase your expertise and stand out from other candidates when applying for job pos

Gain in-demand skills

Business Analytics is a highly in-demand skill in today's job market. By enrolling in a skill development certificate course, you will learn various analytical techniques, data visualisation tools, and programming languages that are highly sought-after by employers.

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Benefits of joining Business Analytics Course

At Senfine Academy, Bangalore we teach our students to use inferential and descriptive statistics to make business decisions, Create dashboards and stories, Build real-time predictive models using appropriate techniques, connect excel with live data from websites and Segment customers into various groups based on their patterns.

After completion of the certification course on Business Analytics from Senfine Academy candidates will develop a solid grip on collecting, analysing, and interpreting large sets of data to uncover insights and trends that can inform business strategies and decisions.

What roles does a Business Analytics Professional play?

The goal of Business Analytics is to help businesses optimise their operations, improve their financial performance, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Here are some of the roles candidates with Business Analytics certification can apply

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Sales Analyst
  • Digital Analytics Specialist
  • Business Analytics Manager

Salary Trends of Business Analytics


A Business Analyst works with stakeholders to understand their needs and requirements and analyses data. They may also be involved in project management and implementation.